Data Center Cooling

Data centers are facilities for keeping data, computers, telecommunication devices, storage systems supported by back-up power connections, air-conditioning for cooling servers, fire fighting equipments and environmental control. Servers that hold all the data run on a twenty-four hour basis that implies regular maintenance. Data centers are much secured to the extent that workers have to undergo security check before they can walk in. Such centers can take up an entire floor of a building or even an entire building for larger organizations. Business activities every day are not possible had it not been for data core which makes their planning extremely vital. In case the data center faces technical crises, many business functions get disrupted. This makes the design of any data center a matter of great significance since it is the planning that ultimately controls technical issues. Gadgets required to maintain a data core and the floor plan are important elements that ensure trouble-free operations. Data Center Cooling Systems

Data center cooling likewise is an important factor to enable a company to function smoothly. Maintain an optimum temperature in the core is essential since there are many computers and sensitive gadgets at work that require continuous air-conditioning to keep working smoothly. Certain devices even produce heat which again is detrimental to some other devices thus making good ventilation facilities and air-conditioning absolutely imperative. Data Center Cooling Solutions

Data center planning and layout are vital elements in the total design process. A well designed floor plan will be able to keep the numerous cables required completely secure at all times. To distribute air uniformly, the floor is generally raised in all data core. The design should be such that if needed cables can be accessed for regular checking and in case some fault develops, one can rectify it with the help of the floor plan. Besides, generators and back-up power supplies are most definitely needed to make sure that the system runs as expected and data does not get corrupted when power cuts occur. Recruiting IT consultants for the designing job can guarantee that all such factors will be considered in the plan. Data Center Cooling Efficiency

Installing a cooling system that is mounted on the ceiling helps to save floor area and allows many options like ducting, free-cooling etc. servers may also be placed in vertical racks that are arranged row-wise with alternating cold and hot aisles in between. These cold aisles emit cold air through vents on the floor that help to keep front faces of servers cool. Higher the density of servers, the lesser is the requirement of cooling. An alternative to air cooling is liquid cooling since water can carry heat at least 3,500 times more than air. Here although water is most commonly used, even liquid refrigerants can serve the purpose because they have similar heating transferring properties as water. DCIM Solutions



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